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10 vegetarian recipes for the festive season

Bright red tomatoey potato gratin in a white baking dish. The sweet potato slices are stacked vertically in a neat pattern.
This is golden, cheesy sweet potato gratin with a spicy kick will keep everyone happy.()

Creating a vego-friendly feast this season is easier (and tastier) than ever. 

We've got 10 flavourful, satisfying recipes to cover mains and sides which will keep everyone happy at your festive celebration.

Impressive mains

Whole roasted cauliflower with turmeric coconut sauce and fried lentils

A plate with a whole roasted head of cauliflower, covered in tumeric sauce, coriander leaves, lentils, a vegetarian main.
Roast your whole cauliflower on high heat to ensure that the flesh inside is creamy and lusciously tender, while the outside has a beautiful golden hue.()

There is such ceremony in bringing a whole cauliflower, dressed up and pretty, to the table, ready to be carved. Whole roasted cauliflower is incredibly versatile and there are many flavour possibilities to explore.

Roast butternut pumpkin with a hoisin marmalade glaze

A halved butternut pumpkin on a serving plate, scored and studded with cloves and with side vegetables, vegetarian festive meal.
Transform a whole butternut pumpkin into a festive centrepiece.()

This glazed butternut is an undeniable show-stopper. It's a modern, vego take on the classic Christmas ham and embodies the festive cheer and playfulness of the season. Plus, studding the pumpkin with whole cloves makes it a fun dish to prepare with the family.

Whole roasted cabbage with maple syrup glaze and balsamic onion gravy

A plate of roasted red cabbage topped with sour cream, chives, onion gravy, a decadent vegetarian meal for Easter.
This is a perfect example of hands-off cooking, where we look to the gentle heat of the oven to create magic.()

Sticking with the whole-roasted veg theme, this recipe is special enough to rival meaty main dishes. Here, whole cabbage is slow-roasted on a bed of shallots, garlic and thyme and finished with a rich caramelised onion and balsamic gravy.

Substantial sides

Pasta salad with roasted beetroot, pumpkin and herbs

Pasta shells in a salad with roast pumpkin, beetroot, goats cheese, red onion and thyme vinaigrette, a vegetarian family meal.
Make this recipe a day ahead and let it sit in the fridge while the flavours develop.()

You can win friends with salad with this flavourful, satisfying make-ahead pasta salad. It's also versatile for those picky eaters — you can switch up the goats cheese for feta, or sub the beetroot for sweet potato or extra pumpkin.

Spanakopita rolls with tomato, chickpea and dill salad

A baked pastry roll served on a plate with tomato, chickpea and dill salad.
Customise the filling by adding more feta or some ricotta for extra creaminess, some cheddar or parmesan for extra umami, or a pinch of chilli flakes for spice.()

This take on spanakopita, the beloved hearty-but-light Greek spinach pie, uses puff pastry instead of the traditional filo, turning the pie into "sausage" rolls that are easy to whip up for your festive celebration. The chickpea salad is a bonus, too.

Sweet potato gratin with cheese and gochujang tomato sauce

Bright red tomatoey potato gratin served on a plate with coriander leaves and a brass fork.
The saltiness and sharpness of cheddar works well with this dish but you could experiment with other cheeses such as parmesan, pecorino, or gruyère.()

While still beautifully cheesy, this is not your typical gratin. This recipe swaps gratin's usual cream for a vibrant gochujang (a spicy and increasingly popular Korean red chilli paste) accented tomato sauce, which brings nuance to this textural sweet potato bake.

Freekeh salad with sticky roasted carrots, goat cheese and pistachios

Two hands hold a serving bowl of grain salad for a celebration, with freekeh, pistachio, goat cheese, roasted carrots and herbs.
Feel free to use whatever grain you wish, if freekeh isn't available to you.()

There's a lot to love in this recipe, with chewy freekeh, sweet roasted carrots, creamy goat cheese, crunchy pistachios, bright pomegranate seeds, and the star of the show: rich roasted red grapes.

Veggie patties with roasted pumpkin, kidney beans and coriander

Two plates piled with orange coloured veggie patties and salad, a pair of hands hovers over holding knife and fork
If there are some patties left over, use them to make vegetable burgers the next day.()

These filling veggie patties are a delicious balance of savoury with a touch of sweetness, and are a great accompaniment to a full plate of festive foods — or on a burger bun if you prefer.

Crunchy green salad with sauce gribiche

An oblong platter with crunchy chopped lettuce salad with baby peas and sauce gribiche. In a small bowl is more sauce gribiche.
If you can nab fresh spring peas, use them, but frozen peas work perfectly for this salad.()

This lively salad has a creamy, filling sauce gribiche made with hard-boiled eggs and a piquant mix of vinegar, cornichons, capers and mustard. Festive feast tip: make extra sauce gribiche to slather onto bread or mix through roast potatoes.

Sweet corn riblets

Sweet Corn from Lockyer Valley
You could serve these corn riblets with a chipotle dipping sauce.()

Vibrant sweet corn riblets with turmeric, pepper, lime and butter sauce are a modern take on the meat version and will make your festive table pop.

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