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analysis:Even in the darkness of this war, four parties can make an agreement

If all goes to plan, guns in and around Gaza are set to fall silent as Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners are released and aid is delivered. Even in the darkness of this war, four parties can make an agreement, writes John Lyons.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chairs the weekly cabinet meeting.

analysis:The 14 words that caused Clare O'Neil a whole lot of pain

It took just 14 words from Home Affairs Minister Clare O'Neil for ears to prick up. Innocuous to many, they were shocking to those in the know and again left Labor having to correct the record, writes Brett Worthington. 
Clare O'Neil looks towards Anthony Albanese at a joint press conference in the Prime Minister's courtyard at Parliament House.

analysis:The rise of the north and a shock new Giant: Recapping the 2023 AFL draft

The number one pick was all but confirmed, but the 2023 AFL draft shows a surprising shift into the northern states as the Suns strike local gold. 
A composite photo of Jed Walker and Phoenix Gothard

analysis:Top Gear was a global phenomenon, but not even it could survive this scandal

There was a time when seemingly nothing could touch Top Gear, but presenter Andrew Flintoff's massive crash proves things have changed since the BBC behemoth's early days, writes Riley Stuart.
Three men standing on a street

analysis:What has just happened in the US will help Australia's inflation situation, big time

Australian financial markets are now pointing to a close to zero chance of further rate rises — with a fair chance of a rate cut next year. That's thanks to the latest news from the US and UK, writes Peter Martin.
An older woman with a dark grey bob and glasses speaks into a small microphone in front of a blue screen.

analysis:Why the NRL career of Super League-bound Matt Moylan is a cautionary tale

Matt Moylan heads to the Super League having had a fine career in the NRL, but the former Sharks playmaker could never shake off the impossible expectations foisted on him.
A man looks on after his rugby league team concedes a try

analysis:Australia says the Cricket World Cup is still 'the pinnacle' — but 'greed and overkill' sees them play T20 cricket again almost immediately

The relentless churn of limited-over cricket will see India meet Australia again just days after the Cricket World Cup final, giving neither players, nor fans, time to reflect on and enjoy a thrilling tournament.
Pat Cummins looks back over his shoulder while holding the World Cup trophy

analysis:China says Australia made an 'irresponsible accusation' over sonar incident. Were the handshakes just for show?

Just days before Xi Jinping and Anthony Albanese shook hands at the APEC summit, Australian divers were injured by Chinese sonar. It begs the question, is the on-stage diplomacy all for show?
Anthony Albanese smiles while shaking hands with Xi Jinping, whose head is turned away from camera

analysis:The uncomfortable truth about record immigration levels, rents and inflation

High rents are driving our inflation because of record levels of immigration, and few appear willing to confront the problem. But this is not — and should not — be an argument about multiculturalism, race or diversity, writes Ian Verrender.
A shot of a busy Melbourne street with pedestrians in front of a tram.

analysis:With COVID surging, should I wear a mask?

Wearing a mask at the shops, on public transport and in other crowded settings will help prevent you from getting infected with COVID or spreading it to other people, writes Raina MacIntyre.
face mask being worn in office generic

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