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ABC Kids app

Watch shows ∙ Playlists ∙ Parental Controls

Watch your favourites anytime

Watch your favourite ABC Kids shows anytime, or discover new favourites.

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Introducing... Playlists! A brand new way to watch all your favourite shows.

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Carefully curated to entertain and support your child through every stage.

  • Play Faves
  • Reminders
  • Playlists
  • Parental Controls
  • Big Screen

What’s so great about the ABC Kids app?

  • Find the best content for your family: Children can safely explore content that’s made for them.
  • A child-led experience: Designed for children so they can independently control their own viewing.
  • Discover curated playlists: Auto-play episodes from different shows that’ll finish when time’s up. 
  • More like this: Recommendations for new shows children might like.
  • Regulate app usage: Use the parental timer to set session duration. 

Help & FAQs

If you require assistance with getting started or troubleshooting please visit our Help Centre.