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Queensland Health fixes medical record crash after staff locked out of system for hours

Queensland Health has fixed a technical crash with its electronic medical record system that had prevented health staff at dozens of hospitals and facilities from logging in.
A large multi-storey hospital with green cladding.

Tennis elbow treatment trial successes offer hope for sufferers wary of surgery

With surgery only offering 50 to 80 per cent chance of success, much improved data is now in on an Australian-made treatment using patients' own cells, giving hope to people with complex tennis elbow cases.
A woman uses as ice pick to climb a steep icy ledge

Why the 'Matildas effect' plays out differently in a small country town

The number of women and girls playing football has surged since the Matildas' incredible feats at the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup. But aiming for the top when you're from a regional area comes with added challenges.
A girl with a soccer ball.

Christine put a hand on a customer's trolley to investigate suspected shoplifting. Then she was punched in the face

The prolonged cost-of-living crisis is continuing into a what is traditionally a period of financial stress, creating fears in the retail sector of increased abuse of workers over Christmas.
A line of shoppers with trolleys stretches down a supermarket aisle

Drug trials on mice, tissue cells a potential first step in treating COVID-19 brain fog, researchers say

The scientists found that four pre-existing drugs successfully eliminated cells  that were found to speed up the effects of ageing on the brain, so-called "zombie" cells that grew faster in a COVID-19-affected brain.
A scientists scrutinises a pippet

'I saw Grace Tame and then I saw a picture of him': TV episode prompts new abuse claim against Nicolaas Bester

Peter was in prison when he happened to catch an episode of Australian Story about Grace Tame. When he saw her abuser — Nicolaas Bester — pop up on the screen, he says he "froze".
The Hutchins School logo, a lion, on a school building with out-of-focus leaves in the foreground

'We are the sum of our histories': A COVID infection now could spell trouble in three decades

Genes, environment and lifestyle are some of the risk factors for serious diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. This is why scientists believe COVID-19 infection should be added to the list, writes Catherine Taylor.
A man in a white hospital mask and dark brown eyes looks into the camera under a spotlight

'Pepper sprayed, knocked to the ground': Elderly Indigenous Australians share racism experiences in online register

A new report has found almost four in 10 First Nations people are experiencing high levels of violent and aggressive racism.
A silouhette of an elderly Aboriginal woman against the background of a orange, blue and white Indigenous designed artwork

Mask mandates, sick leave and booster shots: Navigating WA's eighth COVID wave

Is the mask mandate coming back? Are there new booster shots? When can I go back to work? Everything you need to know if you get COVID-19.
A man wearing a mask walks past a "Perth" sign

Jake waited eight hours in a hallway before he was given an ER bed. This is what ramping looks like

When an ambulance took Jake to the PA Hospital, he was told there were no beds available and was parked in a hallway on a trolley. It would be more than eight hours before he'd see a doctor.
a man sleeps in an emergency department hospital bed wrapped in a blue blanket. a woman sleeps sitting up on a chair beside

The new and improved COVID-19 vaccines will be available by Christmas. So who should get one?

We're in the grips of a surging COVID-19 wave but there's some good news — the new monovalent COVID-19 vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna will be up for grabs from December 11.
Gloved hands make a heart and hold a vial of COVID vaccine

Private maternity, ICU services at regional hospital to continue, but for how long?

A five-week review has secured the short-term future of the two units, but St John of God Bendigo Hospital says more patronage is needed to keep them open long-term.
exterior of st john of god bendigo hospital in bendigo, victoria

Parkinson's can show up in the way you move '15 to 20 years' before a diagnosis — could motion capture tech spot it?

A new research centre in Hobart is using movie industry technology to track the slightest changes in movement in the hopes of diagnosing neurological diseases before they're noticeable to the human eye.
An elderly man sits in profile wearing a black helmet fitted with sensors. A researcher in a face mask works in the background.

analysis:With COVID surging, should I wear a mask?

Wearing a mask at the shops, on public transport and in other crowded settings will help prevent you from getting infected with COVID or spreading it to other people, writes Raina MacIntyre.
face mask being worn in office generic

Johnny Ruffo's partner Tahnee Sims breaks silence after Home and Away star's death

The social media post featured the couple on holiday in various exotic locations and candid moments between the pair.
Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo with partner Tahnee Sims.

'You work at the top of your scope': Why nation's new chief emergency specialist wants city doctors to head to the bush 

Leading emergency health specialist Stephen Gourley will head the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, making history as the first rural physician in the top job.
Profile of a man in uniform.

Queensland is significantly lagging behind the rest of Australia when it comes to the simple health measure of water fluoridation

In 2023, about 90 per cent of Australians can access fluoridated water — but only 72 per cent of Queenslanders do.
a close-up of a person holding a glass under a running tap, filling it with water

Safety of people with disabilities should be considered in e-scooter debate

As the future of e-scooters is considered in South Australia, consideration should be given to the safety of people living with disabilities, Bethany Cody writes in this special report.
A smiling woman stands in front of trees

How Jimmy Barnes's youngest daughter Elly-May Barnes is emerging as a solo artist

Elly-May Barnes, the youngest daughter of rock legend Jimmy Barnes, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a toddler. Now the 34-year-old is a solo cabaret artist and disability advocate.  
Elly-May wears a wig, sings into a microphone with a light-up cape draped around her.

analysis:One woman's cosmetic surgery 'hell' points to a national problem

Rowah Kaddour still has nightmares about the putrid smell of rotting skin emanating from her abdomen after undergoing cosmetic surgery that went horribly wrong, writes Adele Ferguson.
Two surgeons wearing protective clothing undertake an operation.

When Bridget went missing, hundreds rushed to find her. She won't be forgotten

A Victorian coroner will soon examine the deaths of five young transgender women who took their own lives in Melbourne during the pandemic, but Melbourne's queer community is already working hard to support those in need.
Bridget Flack is pictured with flasses and curly hair and a small smile at the camera

The only GP clinic in a town just outside Melbourne faces closure because it doesn't have enough doctors

The only GP clinic in a town just outside Melbourne is facing possible closure because it does not have enough doctors. Advocates say it's an example of an urgent national crisis.
Farza Rastegar stands inside a clinic, with a stethoscope around her shoulders.

Autistic drivers in legal limbo after new licence standards quietly introduced

Thousands of autistic drivers could find their Australian licences are in legal limbo due to changes quietly made last year to the national standards that govern who is considered fit to drive.
a man driving, seen from the back seat

'I want to remember it': Schoolies subdued on first night of annual celebrations

Schoolies on the Gold Coast — once synonymous with drunken debauchery — takes a wholesome turn, with fewer school leavers writing themselves off, even on the historically wild first night of celebrations.
three teenagers at the check in for schoolies

Darwin woman forced to fly interstate for a cancer diagnosis, but the NT government denies there's a problem

Late last year, a Darwin woman flew to the Gold Coast for a scan after being told she'd face a 10-week wait locally. Her doctor says it may have saved her breast.
A woman's silhouette in profile, as sunset, with the shadows of trees in the background.

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