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Basil Zempilas defends women's crisis centre closure, citing resident's 'violence, drunkenness' fears

The fight over the looming closure of a critical women's crisis centre in Perth next week escalates, with Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas insisting it is what his community wants.
Basil Zempilas Perth Lord Mayor

Why the 'Matildas effect' plays out differently in a small country town

The number of women and girls playing football has surged since the Matildas' incredible feats at the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup. But aiming for the top when you're from a regional area comes with added challenges.
A girl with a soccer ball.

How a lawyer's sex work side hustle turned into something much more

Mitch has always been open to new ideas. So when someone suggested sex work, the early-career lawyer decided to try it as a 'side hustle'. It turned into something more.
In an opulent room with ornate chairs, grand piano and golden candelabras, smiling man in black suit leans against piano.

Inside Queensland's first Pink Sleepbus to help homeless women get safe night's sleep

A volunteer on a sleepbus dedicated to vulnerable Sunshine Coast women and children says a night of rest can help people make better decisions.
Mark and Simon stand in front of the bus and look at the pods. You can see the individual rooms with a bed and portable toilet.

Impostor syndrome, lack of time among the challenges women face as writers — but these can be overcome

The director of a writers' festival in Australia says it's time women stopped apologising for being writers — and she suggests writing in your car if that's the only time you have.
A woman sits in her writing room.

Women over 50 travelling solo

Women in their retirement who haven’t lost their passion for travel, can find confidence and company in a support network for women on the road.
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Duration: 2 minutes 16 seconds

Older women 'Rolling Solo' find confidence and support while travelling alone

These women have not lost their passion for travel and have found a way to create friendships while on the road without a partner.
Vintage van decorated in yellow and green with a classic striped awning and outdoor table setting.

Bianca's 'David and Goliath' battle with police is a cautionary tale for victims of family violence

Bianca went to Hobart Police Station to report she'd been assaulted, assuming officers would protect her. Instead, they took out a family violence order against her — but perhaps she shouldn't have been so surprised.
Blue and orange fabric badge on a blue shirt reads: Tasmania Police

Double amputee makes triumphant return to the sport she loves at National Sprint Championships

Shona Muckert relies on a wheelchair for many day-to-day activities but when it comes to competitive canoeing, her disability does not hold her back.
A group of women in blue team shirts and pink hats hold wooden paddles and pose in front of canoes

This university won't be hiring based on 'merit' anymore — here's why

Queensland University of Technology's vice-chancellor says the institution will move towards "inclusive suitability" rather than merit because "the workforce needs to reflect the students coming through".
A woman's headshot

How a timber worker with a disability overcame her fear of career barriers to train colleagues

Kirsten Drier says if she can improve other people's skills and help them out then that's a really good day.
A woman in high visibility clothing works with tools.

When Jo felt her life was 'falling apart', doctors had no answers. Then she saw a news show and diagnosed herself

Jo Caminiti spent years in pain and being so tired she could barely walk as doctors failed to link her symptoms to perimenopause. She says a simple treatment "transformed" her life overnight.
Jo Caminiti in purple shirt standing in front of metal scraps used for art work

Calls to reform consent laws to allow sexual assault cases involving intoxication to be prosecuted

We now teach that no means no, and if someone is drunk, they cannot consent but what happens when a person is so intoxicated, they can’t clearly remember their alleged assault?
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Duration: 9 minutes 8 seconds

'This is why I didn't want to report': What made Bec's fight for justice against her alleged rapist harder

Few victims of sexual assault will report the crime to police – even fewer will see the inside of a courtroom. There's one key element common to a staggering number of sexual assault cases that experts believe the justice system is yet to properly confront.
Woman wearing black top and denim jacket with long brown hair standing on a street with city lights behind her.

Young political voices heard as teenage mayors are elected to their local council

In a NSW first, a Young Mayors program saw 1,400 high-schoolers vote in the first-ever underage preferential vote in the state. The result: these youthful visionaries now have the ear of Wollongong City Council.
Eight high school students pictured in two rows of conference room

Celeste Barber on Australia's 'uncomfortable' fashion moment

Comedian Celeste Barber is no stranger to the absurdities of the fashion industry, but even she was taken aback to learn the extent to which some clothes – and the women who wore them – were policed in our nation’s past.
Celeste Barber wearing a navy blazer with bright pink patterns stands in front of a wall with the same pattern

Experts say lack of secrecy around DV refuges could lead to women being killed after details published online

New South Wales women's groups say they're "absolutely stunned" by the recent publication of development applications for domestic violence shelters by local councils.
A woman standing with her arms crossed

Everything you need to know about perimenopause — and how to know if it's started for you

Menopause is technically the single day 12 months after your last period. But perimenopause can last years. Here's what to look for and when to get help, writes Erin Molan.
A woman with brown curly hair sits on a grey sofa, looking unwell, with her hand to her head

Mum's first day as a firefighter puts her on the frontline at bushfire emergency

Kristy-Lee Lucke says realising her eight-year dream to become a firefighter got off to an "intimidating" start when her crew was called to a bushfire emergency.
A woman stands in front of a fire truck. She is smiling.

Firefighter's first day

Kristy-Lee Lucke is one of three new firefighters who have joined the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service in Bundaberg, 4.5hours north of Brisbane.
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Duration: 1 minute 2 seconds

High fashion hits the stage in tiny outback town better known for gold mining

Previously, when tourists stopped at Coolgardie's visitor centre for souvenirs, there were none. It gave Rose Mitchell the idea of making some. Then, with her town's support, her dream of creating wearable art, and a high-end fashion show, became a reality.
young models wearing Aboriginal designs on the catwalk

When it comes to women in parliament, Australia lags behind — but this program hopes to change that

Australia still lags behind dozens of countries when it comes to female representation in federal parliament. A national program is now equipping more women with the skills and confidence to run for office. 
A young woman with shaved brown hair wearing a bright pink vest sitting on a bench inside South Australia's Parliament House.

analysis:I bought my friend a gift that left her furious and resentful

Anna Funder's new book excoriates a truth unchanged from both before and after George Orwell's time: What women do in a marriage, in a family, creates more time for the other members of that family than they would ever have without her, writes Virginia Trioli.
A dark, moody photo of a woman wearing a green sweater laying on her back, reading a book

Saya Sakakibara was about to quit BMX but overcame injury to become World Cup champion

A year after almost quitting the sport of BMX racing due to lingering concussion symptoms and injuries, Australia's Saya Sakakibara went on to win the World Cup in the final race at the 2023 UCI BMX Racing World Cup in Argentina.
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Duration: 4 minutes 39 seconds

Beck wants stable housing for her daughter but the spread of Airbnbs in her town makes that tough

This single mother was heartbroken when Airbnbs took away affordable rentals in her seaside home and left her struggling to find somewhere stable to live. She hopes a new government incentive will ease the pressure.
Am MCU of a middle-aged woman with spectacles and a striped shirt posing for a photo in front of plants.