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Family and Relationships

This Catholic diocese examined domestic and family violence and found its members knew quite a lot

When Sister Nicole hosted workshops to examine domestic and family violence, people willingly shared their own experiences of abuse. Now the church is tackling how it can prevent it happening.
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How a lawyer's sex work side hustle turned into something much more

Mitch has always been open to new ideas. So when someone suggested sex work, the early-career lawyer decided to try it as a 'side hustle'. It turned into something more.
In an opulent room with ornate chairs, grand piano and golden candelabras, smiling man in black suit leans against piano.

Would you move to a remote village for a 0 yen house? Here's what happened when Yasuyuki Fuke did

As the population of the Japanese village of Nagoro shrank, many buildings in the town were left abandoned. Tsukimi Ayano is one of the few residents left and has come up with a novel way to populate it — with dolls.
Two dolls dressed in children's clothes are propped at desks while a doll in a teacher costume sits at a front desk.

'You just took it': The inside story of DFAT's treatment of LGBT staff over the decades

In a new book by a former Australian diplomat, the stories and struggles of LGBT workers in Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade are documented.
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Baby Archie was born three months premature. His parents say better paid parental leave is long overdue

After dipping into her annual leave to stay close to her premature son, Kat Averill is now among advocates calling for an extension to the Paid Parental Leave Scheme.
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As an iconic lighthouse turns 120, its keepers' descendants have come home

The children of lighthouse keepers who manned the Norah Head beacon in the 1900s say they want to make sure it's "here for everyone" in the future, as they return to the site for its milestone anniversary.
A photo of the top of a lighthouse during a storm.

'What I experienced was traumatic': Mums turning to homebirths after negative experiences in hospitals

The ABC has heard from several women who gave birth at home after a negative hospital experience, as part of its Birth Project investigation. It comes as a Senate inquiry into birth trauma was recently launched in NSW.
A mother holds her wet newborn to her chest as they sit in a birthing pool.

When Carla Jones learnt she had late stage cancer the Dayboro community helped throw her wedding

When Ellena Stone learned her neighbour might not have long to live, she decided to help plan her wedding. In just ten minutes they had everything from a photographer to a cake.
A married couple walk down the aisle

Summer used to sleep in a car with a knife under her pillow. She considered herself one of the 'privileged' ones

After escaping a turbulent home life, she found herself homeless at least three times before she even turned 18.
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Perth father who killed baby daughter in 'moment of madness' had domestic violence convictions

A Perth man who fatally injured his 28-day old daughter had previous convictions for assaulting a former partner, a court hears. 
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Police 'left with no choice' when they fatally shot man who was on stabbing rampage, WA coroner finds

WA's deputy coroner backs police over their conduct in the fatal shooting of Ashley Dean Fildes after he stabbed several people in a South Hedland shopping centre while in the midst of a psychotic episode.
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This family spent their house deposit on a family holiday. It changed their lives

When life wasn't quite working for Sydney parents of four Jodi and Daniel, they decided to take a road trip. It proved to be a life-changing act.
Against a large red rock, a man and woman and four young children, wearing neat casual clothes, stand close together smiling.

The Waifs still touring 20 years after release of Up All Night

Working in a pressure cooker environment alongside your brother or sister definitely isn’t for everyone but for The Waifs it was a recipe for 20 years of success.
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Victorian town raises $11,000 to appeal against visa rejection of much-loved community volunteer

Ariane "Kiki" Joseph's volunteer work in the rural town of Leongatha is appreciated so much by the local community that it has raised more than $10,000 to help her appeal against her carer visa rejection.
A woman wearing glasses stands in a garden

This psychologist groomed her client, then married her. Now 20 years of deception are coming undone

Vanessa trusted her psychologist – then she married her. Three years after her death, her family want answers.
Photo of a woman's face with a rip through the middle.

After almost 10 years living with no rights, permanent residency allows Para family to finally look to the future

Neil Para and his family lived in Australia for more than nine years with no visa and no rights. What's life like now they've been granted permanent residency? 
A brown skinned woman and man stand next to each other outside a weatherboard house, the woman is holding a black dog.

'That freaked me out': How Ashwin's uncle's $130,000 IVF journey inspired him to start a company to help infertile men

Ashwin Ramachandran is on a mission to help increase access to fertility tests for men and start more conversations about male infertility.
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From anxiety to loneliness, here are five tips to help improve teen wellbeing

We asked clinical psychologist Dr Sophie Li, from Old People's Home for Teens, for practical ways to support a teen through wellbeing challenges. These are her tips.
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How adults make it hard for young people to disclose they're in a violent relationship

One in three 18 to 19-year-olds in Australia has experienced intimate partner violence in the last 12 months. These young people's experiences show what might help.
Seen from behind, a young person with singlet and hair tied in bun sits on a bed in slightly dark room facing a large window.

analysis:I was meant to be anonymous to my seven biological kids — but that's impossible today

For years, sperm donors believed their identity would remain secret, but the explosion of online DNA databases changed everything, writes Ian Smith.
Ian Smith (1)

After watching people left 'shattered' by family law disputes, this chief justice wants to see change

Women facing domestic violence and other vulnerable people are often left "shattered" by their dealings with family law courts, but a new national program aims to help shelter them from the worst outcomes.
A man wearing glasses and judges' robes looks to the side.

Ten-week-old Ruby has spent most of her short life in hospital but music is helping her cope

A music therapist's playlist for any given workday will be as varied as the patients they work with — they may start the day serenading a baby with Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and end it playing a version of a heavy metal song to an adolescent.
A baby with a tube stuck to her face

Jessica was told to stop worrying when her son fell silent at 16 months old. Then she got a second opinion

Doctors and friends dismissed Jessica's concerns when her son stopped talking. When he was eventually diagnosed with autism, she wished she hadn't agreed to take a "wait and see" approach. 
A mum with her hair in a pony tail talks to her young son who has blonde hair

When Fatima's daughter was stillborn, she longed for support reflecting her culture and faith — so she helped created it

The rate of stillbirths is higher in migrant, refugee, and First Nations communities — up to twice the rate of the general population.
woman in a hijab stands in a park looking at camera

'Are you a spy or something?': When Sami Shah swiped right, he never believed he'd be dating a former hostage

Kylie Moore-Gilbert spent 804 days in an Iranian prison accused of being a spy. Sami Shah has been twice divorced. The pair never thought they’d find love again. Then they went on a dating app. 
A man and woman stand in doorway with their young daughter and baby is held in the arms of her mother