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How a lawyer's sex work side hustle turned into something much more

Mitch has always been open to new ideas. So when someone suggested sex work, the early-career lawyer decided to try it as a 'side hustle'. It turned into something more.
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Hooray! These are the top five Bluey episodes as voted by you

We asked you to vote for your favourite episode in the Biggest Little Bluey Countdown, and biscuits! Here are your favourites.
Bluey characters wear dress-up "granny" character costumes

School principal says remote learning Mondays will help senior students

Chevalier College's "contemporary learning delivery" allows year 10 to 12 students to study from home one day a week, with a letter to parents saying the Southern Highlands Catholic school engaged solicitors to ensure the effective implementation of the plan.
Three students in maroon blazers sitting in classroom desk

Kalgoorlie parents unable to return to work with childcare waiting lists up to two years long

Families in Western Australia's historic mining city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder have been on waiting lists for childcare placements for more than two years, according to a new survey.   
A child care worker waving her hands to get the attention of young children walking down a hallway.

Baby Archie was born three months premature. His parents say better paid parental leave is long overdue

After dipping into her annual leave to stay close to her premature son, Kat Averill is now among advocates calling for an extension to the Paid Parental Leave Scheme.
a woman and a baby on a lounge

New data reveals struggles for part-time workers wanting promotions

New data reveals only 7% of managers across workplaces are employed part-time.
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Lack of childcare exacerbating dwindling female workforce in regions

Mikaela Reading loves her job, but she is one of many regional mothers scared her career is being jeopardised by what she calls a "childcare desert" in north-west Victoria. 
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Survey finds Australian parents don't feel supported by healthcare providers

A new survey has found majority of Australian parents did not feel supported by healthcare providers in their early parenting stages. 
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analysis:Why are my kids good around other people and then badly behaved with me?

A child says please and thank you at a friend's house but is rude with their family. They follow the rules if they visit a neighbour but have to be constantly reminded about appropriate behaviour at home. Why? And is there anything you can do about it?
A child's legs and feet visible as he escapes through a window with a white curtin

This regional town is crying out for more childcare and its community is doing something about it

This town in South Australia's Riverland has one of the nation's highest levels of developmental vulnerability in children, but locals say an increase in childcare will help.
A woman with light brown hair is smiling as she holds a young child wearing a blue shirt with blonde hair.

This family spent their house deposit on a family holiday. It changed their lives

When life wasn't quite working for Sydney parents of four Jodi and Daniel, they decided to take a road trip. It proved to be a life-changing act.
Against a large red rock, a man and woman and four young children, wearing neat casual clothes, stand close together smiling.

First data on school refusal trend suggests 'shocking' problem is much bigger than first thought

With her son missing weeks of school at a time, Georgina Ker followed the "tough love" prescription she was told would remedy her son's "behaviour problem". A new survey has found more than one-in-three parents have reported school refusal with their children in the past year. 
Georgina Ker looks pensive as she hugs her 15-year-old daughter.

New book aims to help parents balance the costs of raising children

A new book, 'Kids aint cheap' aims to help parents financially prepare for and balance the costs of raising children.
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analysis:'It breaks our kids' hearts': How I'm learning to become a better sport parent

Most parents would admit to being a little too pushy at times when their kids have taken to the sporting field. But there are ways to find the right balance and keep things fun, writes Paul Kennedy.
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New program aims to prevent body image issues in young people

Australian of the Year and fierce body activist Taryn Brumfitt launches new program aimed at early educators to help prevent body image issues developing in kids as young as eight years old.
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At the age of 21, Jessica has three kids. But that won't stop her from getting her HSC

Jessica is about to finish year 12 at a unique school in Newcastle, where the staff empower students to "reach your full potential", while their kids are right next door. 
A woman plays with animal toys with her three young children.

Born premature, Charlie had just begun to see 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Then he was hit by a killer disease

After the Streeters lost their newborn son to necrotising enterocolitis (NEC), they began a journey to build awareness and support for research into the devastating condition.
Nathan and Sophie Streeter wear Christmassy clothes in a hospital with Charlie laying on Nathan's chest.

Jessica was told to stop worrying when her son fell silent at 16 months old. Then she got a second opinion

Doctors and friends dismissed Jessica's concerns when her son stopped talking. When he was eventually diagnosed with autism, she wished she hadn't agreed to take a "wait and see" approach. 
A mum with her hair in a pony tail talks to her young son who has blonde hair

'Please, mum, we'll be good': When child protection took Lenah's children, they blamed themselves

Lenah arrived at a local park, expecting to meet with a child protection worker she thought would help find her family accommodation, but instead she found police and departmental officials lining the street.
A woman in black clothing on her balcony looking at a park, next to a pink stroller with a toy baby in it.

analysis:When motherhood threw a grenade at my friendships, I tossed away some poor advice and found a new tribe

The friends I've made later in my life feel like a gift. Time speeds by when we are together, and yet I age backwards when I am with them, writes Virginia Trioli.
Two women wearing activewear sitting on swings, talking and laughing

How the changes to the government's paid parental leave scheme will affect you

Parents will be offered more paid parental leave in the years ahead, but there are some rules about how it can be used. Here's what you need to know.
A baby wearing a white headband receives kisses on the cheek from her mother and father on each side.

analysis:What is 'good enough parenting'? And could some 'mistakes' actually help children become resilient?

You do not have to be perfect in order to do a good job of raising a child. In fact, it may be better if you are not, writes Cher McGillivray.
Two parents hold up a child by each hand as they walk through the woods.

Sean's 21-year-old mum did not know she was expecting him until she went into labour

Unlike the other 20 or so cooing and crying babies attending a ceremony in Kalgoorlie, Sean is sound asleep — blissfully unaware he's being welcomed into a world that was not quite expecting him.
young woman with nose piercings holding a baby wearing a white top.

No daycare? No worries. Meet the businesses letting parents bring their bubs to work

With families battling year-long childcare waitlists, some parents in North Queensland are being thrown a lifeline by their employers.
Bec O'Burtill and her partner holding their baby in their arms at the beach.

Thousands of babies like Ivy are born premature every year, but parents can find it an isolating experience

Ivy was born 15 weeks early and spent the first few months of her life in intensive care. When she finally came home, her parents found most people did not understand what they had experienced.  
A small baby sitting up and smiling at the camera with a breathing tube in her nose.